Friday, March 19, 2010

Goldcorp Resolution

Friends, attached you will find the the resolution that Brenda Cooper, a Breaking the Silence member and recent delegation participant, and I have sent to Goldcorp for presentation at the AGM of Goldcorp May 19th in Toronto. We are both shareholders. It is now on its way to Vancouver to be delivered at 10:30am in Vancouver.


It will be interesting to see if Goldcorp will allow this to be presented at the AGM. In 2008 the BTS-sponsored resolution focused on Free, Prior and Informed Consent and the lack of consultation as required by Guatemalan law, because Guatemala has ratified Convention #169 of the ILO. The GC Vice-President rejected it, stating that it was not relevant, claiming that they had followed the laws of Guatemala. As you will read in this resolution, it is now very clear that indeed Goldcorp proceeded without the required prior consultation process by the Guatemalan Government, as spelled out in Convention #169.

Former BTS Intern and human rights accompanier, Olimpia Boido, and former BTS delegation member and human rights accompanier, Val Croft, will represent BTS at the Goldcorp AGM. We also hope to have one or two Guatemalan guests at the AGM. Both Olimpai and Val have also been active with the Amnesty International Business and Human Rights Program in Toronto.

Developmetn fo the resolution took a good deal of time, because we wanted to ensure that this resolution reflects the wishes of the community organization ADISMI (with whom BTS visitor Javier de Leon works) and FREDEMI, the coaliton of church and community groups in San Marcos. Although this resolution comes from two BTS members, it represents the work of a North American coalition formed in May 2009 (which does not yet have an official name.) Beth Geglia who works with the Centre for International Environmental Law (CIEL) worked hard on this, with legal advice from her colleague, Kris Genovese.

We will keep you posted.