Monday, November 29, 2010

Local Voices Unite in Music, Justice, Equality and Peace

Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network launches holiday "Singing Solidarity" CD fundraiser

HALIFAX, NOVEMBER 2010 - Maritime artists are notorious for their generosity to their communities. "Singing Solidarity," a CD in support of the work of the Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network (BTS), highlights Maritime artists' generosity to the global community, and to the people who are working locally to build a network of support and strength between Atlantic Canadians and Latin Americans.

"This CD not only supports the work of a local organization, but is also a beautiful collection of songs to have around for the holidays," says Kathryn Anderson of BTS. BTS is launching the CD in time for the holidays, in hopes that Maritimers will take the opportunity to support good work while shopping for friends and family this time of year.

"Singing Solidarity" features the voices of Lennie Gallant, Tara MacLean, Scott Parsons and Nancy White from Prince Edward Island; Coco Love Alcorn, Wilf Bean, Four the Moment, Cheryl Gaudet, Shauntay Grant, and Old Man Leudecke from Nova Scotia; Border Crossing, Cesar Morales and RA Lautenschlager from New Brunswick; and Carolyn McDade whose sings with performers from all over Canada and the US.

The CD is a compilation of songs and spoken word pieces from these artists, all of whom have donated a recording to the project. The voices speak of the love of a land and its rivers, and the rending and violence of a people separated from their land and water. They speak of individual and collective resistance, solidarity, dignity, hope and affirmation, and they evoke a commitment to justice, equality and peace.

“Contributing to this CD is an important way for me to say we are all connected as citizens in the world," says Wilf Bean. "In many ways, Guatemala is not very far away. We all need to be aware of how our actions affect those less powerful. It is also a way of celebrating while we work in solidarity for a more just, caring and sustainable world!”

All proceeds from sales of this CD will contribute to BTS's solidarity work. The CD is available a the Tatamagouche Centre gift shop (902-657-2231) and can be ordered by contacting Corrie Melanson in Halifax (, Margie Loo in PEI ( and Tracy Glynn in Fredericton ( The BTS network encourages those who want to buy the CD to get their orders in early to avoid holiday mail.

Stay tuned for "Singing Solidarity" launches in your community!