Friday, December 10, 2010

BTS Applauds Appoitment of Dr. Claudia Paz y Paz as Attorney General of Guatemala

The Maritimes Guatemala Breaking the Silence Solidarity Network, member of the Coordination for International Accompaniment in Guatemala (CAIG-ACOGUATE), congratulates Dr. Claudia Paz y Paz Bailey on her appointment as Attorney General and Head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Guatemala. Dr. Paz y Paz has worked tirelessly for Human Rights and particularly for Women’s Rights, as an academic, activist and lawyer. She was the Director of the UN High Commission for Refugees Legal Office and as the National Consultant for the UN Mission for Guatemala.

Dr. Paz y Paz also served as Director of the ICCPG, the Institute for Comparative Studies in Criminal Sciences in Guatemala. The ICCPG is an academic institution in the field of criminal policy and human rights, developing processes of investigation, training, advisory and divulging information to contribute to the construction of a movement of ideas and actions to influence through:

- The decrease of state and social violence through the promotion of alternative methods of resolution of conflicts and the recognition of the juridical pluralism in Guatemala.

- The strengthening of the agencies that administer justice.

- The strengthening of civil society's participation in the construction of a democratic criminal policy.

- The enforcement of the democratic State or right and the effective protection of human rights

We applaud the appointment of Dr. Paz y Paz, an extremely qualified and committed candidate and urge the Guatemalan State to create a safe working environment that fosters justice and an end to impunity in Guatemala, enabling Dr. Paz y Paz and the Public Prosecutor’s Office to go forward and make advances in their work.

Guatemala, December 10, 2010

International Day for Human Rights