Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guatemala Arrest - Los Dos Erres

We took a look at a man named Jorge Vinicio Orantes Sosa. Originally from Guatemala,he is accused of participating in the brutal massacre of 252 civilians during Guatemala's civil war in the 1980's.

Today a man named Jorge Vinicio Orantes Sosa will walk into a courtroom in Calgary. He's originally from Guatemala. He has Canadian and American citizenship. And he is alleged to have participated in the brutal massacre of 252 civilians during Guatemala's civil war in the 1980's. He was arrested last week while he was visiting family in Lethbridge, Alberta. Mr. Sosa lives in California now. But he used to live in Lethbridge. And Alex Del Cid, who owns a Guatemalan restaurant in Lethbridge, remembers him well.

American authorities want Jorge Sosa to be extradited to the United States. They accuse him of lying about his past in his application for U.S. citizenship. Alain Hepner is the lawyer for Mr. Sosa. He was in Calgary.

Guatemala Arrest - Arrest

Aura Elena Farfan is the Executive Director of The Families of the Detained and Disappeared of Guatemala. It's one of the country's oldest human rights groups. She told us about what happened in Dos Erres, Guatemala, on December 7th, 1982. Warning: Some of what she describes is quite graphic.

Kate Doyle is the Director of the Guatemala Project at the National Security Archive at George Washington University. She was in San Francisco, where she joined us for the show.

Guatemala Arrest - War Crimes

But while the Americans prompted this arrest, Matt Eisenbrandt wants Jorge Sosa to stay in Canada...and face war crimes allegations here. He's the Legal Coordinator for the Canadian Centre for International Justice. And he was in Ottawa.