Thursday, March 17, 2011

Violent (& Deadly) Evictions of Campesino & Mayan Qeqchi Communities

From Rights Action


... one more Mayan campesino assassinated by wealthy land-owners who exploit slave-like labor and the best lands to produce sugar and African Palm Oil for export.


(Antonio Beb Ac, killed March 15, 2011, during the illegal, violent eviction of the Miralvalle community)

On March 15, 2011, hundreds of Guatemalan police, soldiers and armed civilians (hired by the self-claimed landowner, the Widmann family, owner of the Chabil Utzaj sugar refinery) carried out violent, illegal evictions of the Agua Caliente and Miralvalle communties of poor Mayan Qeqchi villagers, in the Polochic Valley, department of Alta Verapaz.

These violent evictions, and this most recent killing, were not 'an accident', not 'a crisis', not 'a tragedy'. Systemic repression against, and violent evictions of poor, landless campesinos is how "free trade" and the global "development" model works in Guatemala.

This is the global "free trade" economic model supported by the Guatemalan regime and the governments of Canada and the USA, that benefits global corporations and investors, and consumers of sugar products and African Palm tree products (cooking oils, soaps, bio-diesel fuels).


(Soldiers and police, by the Agua Caliente community)


(Tear gas being fired in Agua Caliente)


(Company tractors destroying corn and bean crops, in Agua Caliente. This is a brutal way of further repressing and indeed starving impoverished communities by destroying their subsistence and survival crops)

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We will provide more analyisis and information, in the near future, about this most recent example of State repression on behalf of the economic interests of the wealthy elites in the export sector, at the expense of the rights and development needs of a majority of the Guatemalan population.


Rights Action is again sending emergency funds to victims of repression in Guatemala and Honduras, this time to the Polochic Valley region to help the hundreds of families from Miralvalle and Agua Caliente now left homeless and without their corn and bean survival crops.

To help homeless and landless families forcibly evicted in the Polochic Valley, make tax-deductible check payable to "Rights Action" and mail to:

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To your own government officials and elected politicians in Canada and the USA, reminding them - again and again - that this is how the "free trade" model works in places like Guatemala.


  • Luis Solano, a Guatemalan economist and journalist, and analyst with the El Observador/Guatemala:
  • Rights Action: Annie Bird ( and Grahame Russell (

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