Saturday, June 4, 2011

Register for the BTS Interns' Reunion

Friends, a few of you who we know for sure are attending the Reunion (and you are quite a few!) have registered, but many of you have not. Please do so, as once we have a good number, we will send out a questionnaire to get some feedback from you re plans.

If you can pay a significant amount of your fee of $165 now, so much the better. But, if not, please still register. You can register online at the TC Website,

The Intern Reunion schedule begins Friday, July 1st:4:30-5:30: Registration (Come earlier if you wish!), 5:30 Supper. We finish July 3rd with Sunday lunch.

We have BTS bursaries available of up to $100 per person. Maximum total $ available is $1000. First come, first served. Please contact me, not Tatamagouche Centre, re bursaries.

Also you can reduce your costs by about $40 by camping. First come, first served, as we have only a limited number of camping spaces available.

Hasta pronto!